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Weaving together unstinting luxury and comfort, Hotel Crossroads welcomes the guests to experience a grand stay in the heart of the business city - Gurgaon. Suitably arranged with access to unparalleled transportation, our business hotel offers a one of a kind getaway to the area's brilliant old landmarks and sanctuaries, enthralling galleries, and Gurgaon's ebullient performing arts scene. 

Our business hotel is graced with an enchanting charm and is renowned for being the ideal stop for both business and leisure travellers seeking accommodation in the city. Our experienced staff are sure to embrace the guests with warmth and hospitality, offering a memorable stay for all. We also take pride in our luxurious facilities and world-class services that add onto your convenience and comfort.

The hotel is situated in Sector 15 Gurgaon, and is just a few minutes away from the city's travel hubs and tourist attractions.

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Dear Readers and Travellers,
If you have not visited Hotel CrossRoads, Gurgaon hotel, please do come and try. We are affordable, comfortable and caring.

General Manager – Hotel CrossRoads


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