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Japanese Restaurant and Bar - Hearty Flavours

Gohan has been delighting customers with its wholesome Japanese meals that not only fill not the stomach with its delicacy, aroma and taste, but also touches your heart with its warmth, homely flavours and delightful freshness. 

Located in the financial district of Gurgaon, Gohan easily ranks among the top Japanese restaurants in Delhi NCR with its versatile and modern dishes.

With a trendy setting, Gohan opened its doors with a single passion of sharing first-class Japanese food. Striking the right balance between authentic and modern flavours, this Japanese restaurant in Gurgaon is a popular spot for a hearty Japanese meal. The menu displays a wide range of creative dishes which rely on authentic preparations and dynamic flavours. With a well-known Japanese chef helming the kitchen, no food comes out of the kitchen doors without it being exquisite and gastronomically delicious.

Diners can choose between a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, all of which are cooked with seasonal and fresh produce.

The word “Gohan” means a rice dish and also a complete warm and wholesome meal in Japan. The interiors of the restaurant certainly evoke that feeling of warmth and cosy tranquillity. Infused with warm golden tones and diffused lighting, Gohan is the perfect place to go for your Japanese meal fix.This is not your average party venue. In fact, there isn’t anything quite like this in the town. The name says it all - rewind to the Eighties. The 1980's provides the perfect setting for an evening of great music and entertainment, offering curated legendary hits of the glorious Eighties. It is well stocked with a large variety of cocktails and spirits on the menu.

The decor is dramatic, inspired by the Eighties culture. A neon colour palette, flashy bulbs, artefacts of the era transports you to an age when new musical styles emerged and electronic instruments went mainstream.