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Looking for a Japanese Karaoke bar and Lounge?

Japanese Karaoke bar and Lounge 

Be it a birthday party, a get-together with old friends, after-work parties, or simple indulgence of the soul, a Karaoke bar fixes everything, almost! 

Located near the city center, at Hotel Crossroads, is the most happening Japanese karaoke bar and lounge in Gurgaon. Styled as a perfect Japanese karaoke bar and lounge, our private room is the perfect place to chill out with friends and acquaintances. 

Just make an entry, order from a range of interesting drinks and grab the microphone to belt out your favorite Japanese numbers. We have a wide range of song collection here, from the Eighties classics to new-age hits. This intimate yet friendly venue has a nice disc-like feel with brilliant red interiors, a large LED TV, and some of the best Karaoke equipment. 

We also offer some of the best Japanese cuisine that can be found in this city. So come by and sing away the night with your singing partner or your friends!

If you want to know how to accommodate your guests, please call us at +91 9560094501.We are always ready for a party!

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